Arizona & Texas Trip Lifers (January 10-February 21, 2005)

The following is a list of Lifers and a few comments that we got from our trip to Arizona and Texas on January 10 through February 21, 2005.

We got the Elegant Trogon again this year at Patagonia SP, and Sue and her mother Mary, got Montezuma Quail, which we only once previously saw in Texas about 5 years ago. I  picked up female Rose-throated Becard at Alan Williams' yard in Pharr, Texas — Sue missed one for a change, but we both had the male last year in Arizona.

The Black-throated Gray Warbler showed up for us again this year at Tumacacori, Arizona,  but the Painted Redstart frustrated us to no end at Madera Canyon, near Santa Rita.

At the lodge, many birders there we talked to had "just seen it." Even a non-birder, on seeing my binoculars, described a bird he just saw and asked me to tell him what it was.  I listened, opened my western Sibley to the Painted Redstart picture.... "That's it!," he shouted.
— by Jack & Sue Solomon

Lifer Location Comments
Cave Swallow Santa Anna NWR, TX  
Blue Bunting Santa Anna NWR, TX  
Crimson-collared Grosbeak Pharr, TX Alan Williams' yard
Sprague's Pipet Falcon Dam, TX  
Mottled Duck Chapeno, TX  
Black-headed Grosbeak San Ignacio, TX Sue's Lifer; I had it before
Bohemian Waxwing Fort Davis, TX Sue saw it; I still need it
Black-capped Gnatcatcher Patagonia SP, AZ  
Hutton's Vireo Patagonia SP, AZ  
Black-chinned Sparrow Patagonia SP, AZ  
Brewer's Sparrow Patagonia SP, AZ  
Lawrence's Goldfinch Patagonia, AZ Patton's Yard
Yellow-eyed Junco Madera Canyon, AZ  
Magnificent Hummingbird Madera Canyon, AZ  
Hepatic Tanager Tumacacori, AZ  
Plumbeous Vireo Tumacacori, AZ  
Ferruginous Hawk South of Wilcox, AZ off Rt. 181
Prairie Falcon Wilcox, AZ  

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