Hawaiian Birds (February 23-March 13, 2006)

We were in Hawaiian from February 23 to March 13 and saw a variety of birds. Unfortunately, an unusually wet rainy season occurred with flooding on most of the islands. This did limit our viewing to a degree and definitely, our photography.

Below is a list of 69 trip birds including another subspecies of Elepaio. Many of the birds are introduced but are countable. We saw 47 life birds which are marked with *. The 14 endemic life birds are marked as **. There were also 3 new subspecies.

Laysan Albatross (with chick)* — great viewsEurasian Skylark
White-tailed Tropicbird* — great viewsRed-vented Bulbul*
Red-tailed Tropicbird* — great views of them flying backwardsJapanese Bush-Warbler*
Brown Booby*Kauai Elepaio** — a friendly bird
Red-footed Booby* — great viewsalso Hawaii Elepaio** — a subspecies
Great Frigatebird*White-rumped Shama*
Cattle EgretOmao (Hawaiian Thrush)**
Black-crowned Night-HeronMelodious Laughing Thrush (Hwamei)*
Hawaiian Goose (Nene)** — nice looksNorthern Mockingbird
MallardCommon Myna
Hawaiian Duck (Koloa)**Japanese White-eye*
Lesser ScaupNorthern Cardinal
Hawaiian Hawk (Io)**Red-crested Cardinal (Brazilian Cardinal)* — colorful
Black Francolin*Yellow-billed Cardinal* — colorful
Erckel¹s Francolin*Saffron Finch*
Gray Francolin*Western Meadowlark
Kalij Pheasant*House Finch
Green Pheasant*Yellow-fronted Canary*
Red Junglefowl* — everywhere on KauaiPalila**
Ring-necked PheasantKauai Amakihi**
Wild Turkey — don¹t leave home without themHawaii Amakihi**
California QuailAnianiau**
Hawaiian Moorhen — a subspeciesAkiapolaau**
Hawaiian Coot**Kauai Akepa**
Pacific Golden-Plover — at times they were as numerous as robinsIiwi** — some excellent looks at this large-billed bird
Hawaiian StiltApapane** — probably the easiest of the honeycreepers to see
Wandering Tattler* — excellent looks close upHouse Sparrow
Ruddy TurnstoneLavender Waxbill*
Black Noddy*Common Waxbill*
White Tern* — a beautiful birdRed Avadavat* — Pat missed this very colorful bird
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse*Warbling (African) Silverbill*
Rock PigeonNutmeg Mannikin*
Spotted DoveChestnut Mannikin*
Zebra Dove*Java Sparrow*
Hawaiian Owl (Pueo--Short-eared Owl) 

— by Pat & Sherron Lynch

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© Photo Credits:
Sherron Lynch, Brian Shema, Chuck Tague