PSO 2005

The PSO meeting held in Clarion, May 20 - 22, was very well organized, with stimulating talks and exceptional field trips. My favorite talk was comparing habitats for golden-winged warblers  near Penn State. We also learned about "toot" routes, clearcut versus shelter cutting in national  forests, and the lasting effects of spruce bud-worm infestations.

My favorite walk was to Buttermilk Hill, where Jerry Stanley and Linda Goodblood have diverse habitats overlooking French Creek. We heard Blackpoll and Black- throated Green warblers and a  Veery that Jerry hopes might breed. Along the creek, some got life looks at a Yellow-throated  Warbler and a female Cerulean confirmed nesting with her tiny strands of grass. An olive-sided  Flycatcher posed and sang its "quick three beers" song and we compared it to a nearby pewee. Soft-shelled turtles basked on a sandbar, and Wood Ducks, as well as an immature bald eagle,  flew overhead.

The morning's total bird species numbered 75, and the fun measured 100. Some lunched on the  deck as Linda served cool drinks with Flo's chocolate-chip cookies, as the bluebirds, buntings, orioles and a sapsucker fed from feeders.

Thanks to all who helped with this PSO meeting. As Carole McCullough said: "Maybe 3RBC  should wait 5 years [to sponsor a PSO meeting] so everyone forgets this one. — by Sue Solomon

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Sherron Lynch, Brian Shema, Chuck Tague